Ruckus Wireless Inc.

Founded in 2002, Ruckus Wireless developed technology that would use Wi-Fi to transmit high quality video to all televisions and computers in the home simultaneously. The company subsequently moved their focus toward service providers and commercial aspects of wireless infrastructure application by building on the foundation of its technical innovations. Ruckus quickly became a major player in the wireless networking world, staying ahead of ever-expanding demand for high-bandwidth functionality. Their ability to deliver a high capacity, interference-free and stable wireless experience that works everywhere, all the time, has made Ruckus what it is today.

But Ruckus is already working on tomorrow. Beyond Wi-Fi, and even beyond wireless itself, it’s all about the platform as a whole, not just about super-fast networking. Location analytics, engagement technology, LTE self-deployment and a host of other capabilities will transform how enterprises define what is possible. The performance, flexibility, reliability and affordability of Ruckus products have changed the way our world connects and shares information.