Séura Inc.

In 2003, a great idea was born. It seemed as though products that bridge the gap between technology and décor were generally relegated to the color choices available. Perhaps the light black TV will match your living room better than the dark black one? Well, Tim and Gretchen Gilbertson took things to a whole new level: everyone has a TV, and everyone has a mirror - why not combine the two?

Not just a TV and not just a mirror – Séura is a TV MIRROR. Offering the best picture quality and 100% accurate mirror reflection, you can now integrate your television seamlessly into your environment. This is also not just your average two-way mirror either. Séura products offer mirror-quality float glass with color corrected coatings to deliver a flawless mirror reflection and ensure optimum light transmission from the television beneath the mirror. With each product engineered and custom built in Séura’s Green Bay, Wisconsin facility, you can select from many mirror shapes and sizes, bevel options, LCD sizes and locations, custom frames and much more.