Central Vacuum System - Minneapolis

Should You Consider Such a Convenience for Your Home?

Central Vacuum Cleaning One of the things some people find rather tiring when it comes to cleaning their homes is the need to lug around a vacuum cleaner wherever they go. While there are vacuum cleaners that are pretty portable and easy to bring around the house, sometimes when you have so many things to do, the mere task of vacuuming becomes very tedious. This is where a home central vacuum system comes in handy.

What Exactly is a Home Central Vacuum System?

One of the many network systems you can incorporate into your smart home, a central vacuum system allows you to vacuum anywhere in your home without the need for carrying around your vacuum cleaner. How is this possible? With the use of strategically placed inlets, all you need to do is to plug in your vacuum hose and voila! You can now vacuum the area without needing to carry around a vacuum cleaner.

In essence, a central vacuum system allows you to vacuum in every room of your home with the use of only your vacuum hose and cleaning head. This means you won’t need to carry around that cumbersome vacuum cleaner everywhere in order for you to clean your house. Just plug in your hose and you can start vacuuming to your heart’s content.

More Than Just a Vacuum Cleaner

Some people do not know that a central vacuum system is more than just strategically placed inlets for you to use when you need to vacuum your floors and clean your home. This particular system can also have sweep inlets built into it for you to use when you clean with a broom and need to get rid of the dirt that you collect. These sweep inlets take the place of dustpans and are sometimes aptly called automatic dustpans.

When you use these sweep inlets, all you need to do is to direct the dirt to these floor level openings and your swept dirt is sucked in. All of the dirt that is sucked up by your central vacuum system is then transported with the help of tubing and fittings running through the walls of your home down to the dirt can or receptacle, which is connected to the main power unit. This means that all the dirt is gathered in one place, keeping your house clean and keeping you and your family members away from all the accumulated dirt.

Cleaning Convenience - Get One Now, Ask Us How

If you think your home will benefit from such a network system that helps make cleaning easier, then you have come to the right place. We carry a number of reputable brands that help make life easier, and Beam Central Vacuum System is one of them. With this central vacuum system, you can make cleaning your home easy and less tedious.

Not only that, you also help keep your family healthy with the cleaner environment you have due to such a convenience. You can also increase your house’s resale value by a few thousand with the addition of this cleaning convenience.

Whole House Vacuum System Design & Installation

At BRAVAS we are true believers in high quality central vacuum systems. They are much more powerful than even the most high end standard vacuums. Central vacuum systems are also much cleaner to run than a traditional vacuum cleaner. In most situations we use true cyclonic systems and port the exhaust outside the house so those small fine particulates are sent out of your home. Traditional vacuum cleaners blow these fine particles back into the air. If you have allergy problems, central vacuums are must! Central Vacuum systems are much quieter than regular vacuums because the main unit (can) is located in your basement, garage or in a closet. We can also outfit your garage to vacuum your car or set up your kitchen with a special system with a smaller hose for cleaning out your drawers and small messes. Central vacuum systems increase your quality of life. Give us a call or request a quote to get a new central vacuum system installed in your home.