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The Importance of Structured Wiring When it Comes to Automated Systems

Structured Wiring

What exactly is structured wiring and why is this important to a home that runs on an automated system? Think of these wires as the nerves of your house and the central automation system as the brain. If these wires are not properly connected to the central automation system, or there is a disconnect somewhere, you cannot expect your house to function properly once you automate it. 

Where Structured Wiring Begins and Where it Ends

Structured wiring, when used for automated systems, usually begins with a distribution panel. This is connected to a central control system on one end and on the other end, wires are then connected to the other components of the home automation system that may include home audio and video systems, home security systems, and home lighting systems. This centralized command can include connections for internet, cable or satellite television, telephone lines and security systems.

Structured wiring not only helps connect everything to one centralized command unit, it also helps you figure out what goes where, making it easier to troubleshoot stuff when needed. It also makes everything run smoothly since these are all connected properly to the automation system it is supposed to be connected to. In short, if your wiring for your home automation is a mess, not only will you find it difficult to find out which part goes where, it will also make it hard for technicians to fix anything that is not working too well.

Professionals Needed for Structured Wiring Installation

While you can easily find DIY guides for wiring your own home to prepare it for a home automation system, it is ill advised that you do your own wiring yourself. You can have your home wired by professionals while it is being constructed or after it is already built. These professionals know what should connect where and which wire should go to which room, and so on. They usually start with a plan for these structured wiring systems and often consult you about these, so you can give your input as well as know where these wires are being installed at the same time.

Your structured wiring professionals can also give suggestions regarding certain systems and how one particular system may be better than others you have your eye on. In short, since these professionals have been doing this sort of thing for some time now, they can tell you how to maximize your home automation plans and what kinds of systems will work best with your home.

Some of the home automation systems that we carry include those that are made by Honeywell Security, and DSC Security. You can also connect your audio and video automated systems via the structured wiring plans you have drawn up and some of the brands we carry include Denon, Speakercraft

and Niles, to name a few. Always consult with professionals, like BRAVAS Home Systems, when it comes to your home automation systems to ensure that everything is wired and working properly.

Structured Wiring System Design & Installation

At BRAVAS we pride ourselves on our ability to keep all of these wires running through your home well managed, safe and out of site. Your home has many independent wiring systems throughout like cable, data, phone and AV distribution. We like to keep all of this organized and easy to work on. At BRAVAS we install structured wiring systems that suites the current and future needs of your home. Give us a call or request a quote today.