Whole Home Audio Distribution - Minneapolis

Why Finding the Right System and Installation Service is Important

Whole House Audio What exactly is a whole house audio system and why do homeowners opt to have this kind of a system installed in their homes? This particular system is a centralized distribution system that allows users to listen to music anywhere in the house without the need to carry a musical device with them. In other words, such a system lets you play music or any audio anywhere in the house with the help of a series of speakers and controllers that are connected to a central command system.

Speaker Placement and Control Systems

A whole house audio system often has a number of hidden speakers all over the house, with controls for these audio devices also placed strategically in the rooms where these speakers are to be found. The controls that you can choose to use with this network of speakers can vary according to the amount of control you want to give users. The most basic you can get is a light-switch/dimmer kind of switch, which allows users to simply control the volume of the music coming into the room.

Other control options you can find available for this kind of an audio system include keypad controllers and touch panel controllers. These two options offer users more control, with the former allowing them to change the source of the music as well as volume levels and the latter giving them the chance to choose exactly what they want to play.

If you decide to disguise or hide your speakers for this particular system, you can do so by having these hidden in walls, under seats and even in the ceiling. You may also choose to have these speakers installed visibly, if you want to. You even have the option to integrate outside living spaces to your whole house audio system plans.

Why Hire Professionals to Install Your Whole House Audio Systems

If you are thinking of installing a whole house audio system, you will need to find the right system and the right people to install it. Just like a whole house A/V and a home theater system, installing such equipment via DIY method may not only end up in lackluster results, but may also cost you money when you find that you installed your equipment the wrong way. With the help of experts who know how to properly install and set-up such systems, you will find yourself with a whole house audio, whole house A/V or home theater system that operates flawlessly. 

The kind of system you choose and how you want this installed in your house has a bearing on how well these operate and how good the sound will be. BRAVAS carry a number of home theater systems and whole house audio systems for you to choose from. Some of the brands that we can recommend include Speakercraft, Denon and Elan, to name a few. We will help you choose the best system for your home and give you advice regarding installation, placement and other concerns that come with the integration of such systems into your home.