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Should You Get This for Your Home?

You may have heard of the term “whole house A/V” and wondered what it meant. In a nutshell, whole house A/V (or whole house audio video) is a system that delivers music and video to various parts of your home via a centralized system. This system allows homeowners to share both music and videos to different parts of their home, which can also be controlled individually with the help of switches and control panels installed in each location.

Installing a whole house A/V is a task that requires the help of professionals. This is because of the many technical and design aspects that go into such an endeavor. Speakers and monitors need to be installed in different sized rooms and connected to the main control system; individual control interfaces have to be installed for each room’s audio and video system; these individual room systems have to deliver the best audio and video for each particular location. In short, for you to get the best possible audio and video from your system, careful planning and installation by those who know exactly what needs to be done is required.

Why Choose Us for Your Whole House A/V and Home Theater System Needs

Whole House AV

All of these concerns can be easily addressed and worked on by our team of professionals. We also have a wide array of home theater systems and whole house A/V components that can be used to create your own centrally distributed home audio and video system. In order to choose the right components for your whole house A/V, you will need to first know what you want your system to have and where you want these to be installed.

Do you want video for all rooms of your home or just audio? Do you want this system to include outdoor living spaces? Should your speakers be visible or do you want them hidden from sight? What kind of controls do you want to use for each room? Should these audio and video units be totally controllable from every room or should you only allow volume control for each? These are but a few of the questions that are bound to pop up when you are thinking of installing a whole house A/V system. All of these questions can be easily answered by our team of experts and they can also give you advice as to what is best for your home. Our team will also give you advice as to which components for a home theater system and whole house A/V is ideal for your home.

Since each home is built differently, we will tell you what exactly it is you will need for your centralized audio and video system. We carry a wide array of audio and video brands to suit your many needs – from Niles to Speakercraft to Runco. You can easily find the best components for your system here at BRAVAS and we will help you decide which one is indeed best for your home by telling you what each can bring to your whole home A/V system plans.