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Why Hardwired Home Security Systems are Considered Better Than Wireless Systems

With everything going wireless these days, it is but natural that security systems follow suit. Wireless, after all, is considered very convenient and is used everywhere, as evidenced by wireless phones, wireless internet and many more. When it comes to home security systems however, should you also consider going wireless instead of using a wired system?

Wired Versus Wireless Home Security Systems

When it comes to your home security systems, you need to consider the pros and cons of all your available options. Since this particular decision will have a bearing on your family’s safety as well as the safety of your property and belongings, this is something that should not be taken lightly. When choosing between a hardwired home security system and a wireless one, you need to look at what makes one better than the other.

For starters, wireless security systems offer users not only the convenience of being able to install cameras and sensors anywhere without having to worry about wiring issues, but these are also easy to install and do not need professional help for installation. These are also the more inexpensive option when it comes to the equipment needed for home security.

While wireless home security systems are indeed more convenient and easier to set up, hardwired home security systems are considered the more reliable and more trustworthy of both choices. Some of the reasons why this is so include the lowered risk of camera or sensor failure due to batteries dying and loss of signal or interference due to mobile phones or thick walls, which is often a problem with wireless home security systems.

Wired systems are also more secure when it comes to hacking. Wireless systems are sometimes prone to hacking, which is not a good thing when it comes to your security and safety. A person who knows how to gain remote access to your system can do so if your home security is wireless. A wired system does not have this particular flaw since there are no wireless signals to intercept and for a person to even attempt to hack into a hardwired home security system, they need to tap into one of the wires physically, which is difficult considering that your wired system is running and protecting your home.

Professional Installation for Your Hardwired Home Security System

While some people relish the idea of being able to do things themselves, which is what a wireless home security system allows, don’t you think having a secure and safe home is better than being able to do things yourself? Having a hardwired home security system installed by professionals, like our people here at BRAVAS, ensures you of the proper installation and activation of your home security systems.

Some of the quality brands you can choose from include Honeywell Security, DSC Security and Digital Watchdog, to name but a few. We will not only install your security system for you but we will also answer your questions regarding your choices so you make informed decisions about your home security system. After all, we know that keeping your house safe and secure is important to you, and it is to us too.